With decades of experience, LeClairRyan’s attorneys possess an in-depth understanding of a variety of industries–from banking to transportation and everything in between–and the legal issues affecting business operations.  As a value-added service for our clients and colleagues, we share our knowledge through many continuing education opportunities, including the webinars listed below.

The Trump Experience: How U.S. Law Will Change  (04/11/17)
Change is a given with every new presidential election. Under the Trump Administration, many questions have been raised that impact local and global organizations. Join LeClairRyan for an in-depth discussion on key regulatory issues, including: immigration and visa changes, employment and labor law changes, tax overhaul issues and dramatic reductions in the EPA’s ongoing mission.

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Webinar Overtime RulesThe New Overtime Rules Effective in December: Are You Ready? (09/22/2016)
Beginning December 1, 2016, many exempt employees may no longer be exempt. This is because the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) updated regulations double the minimum weekly salary threshold required for employee positions to be considered exempt. Accordingly, almost every employer could be affected by these regulations.

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Are You Ready for the New Form I-9? (05/02/13)
Ready or not, the new I-9 Form becomes mandatory on May 7, 2013.  Every employer in the U.S. is subject to the I-9 requirements and is impacted by the changes to the I-9 form.  This webinar covers changes to the new I-9 Form, reverification requirements, retention rules, and more.

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Prepare For The EEOC’s Targeted Enforcement (02/27/13)
The EEOC unveiled its new Strategic Enforcement Plan (“SEP”) for fiscal years 2013 – 2016.  Attorneys Michael Barnsback and Brian Muse lead an hour-long discussion of the EEOC’s enforcement areas and how employers should prepare to ensure compliance and avoid liability.

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ACA 2013 WebinarThe Affordable Care Act: Ensuring Compliance & Coverage (01/18/13)
Many of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have already taken effect, with more to begin in 2013. This webinar is designed to help business owners and executives understand the extensive mandates behind the ACA and the options that exist for their companies.

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