Prepare For The EEOC’s Targeted Enforcement (02/27/13)

The EEOC unveiled its new Strategic Enforcement Plan (“SEP”) for fiscal years 2013 – 2016. EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum has recommended that “[e]mployers would thus do well to review the list of priority areas and be sure their compliance programs are up-to-date regarding these issues.”

Michael Barnsback and Brian Muse from LeClairRyan’s Labor and Employment Team review the SEP established list of priority or “targeted” enforcement areas, including:

  • Discriminatory class-based recruitment and hiring practices
  • Discrimination against immigrant, migrant and other vulnerable workers
  • Emerging and developing issues such as accommodating disabilities (including pregnancy) under the ADAAA, and coverage of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals under sex discrimination law
  • Enforcing equal pay laws
  • Policies and practices that discourage or prohibit employees from exercising their rights under employment discrimination statutes
  • All forms of harassment

Download Webinar Slides (PDF)



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