The New Overtime Rules Effective in December: Are You Ready? (09/22/2016)

Beginning December 1, 2016, many exempt employees may no longer be exempt. This is because the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) updated regulations double the minimum weekly salary threshold required for employee positions to be considered exempt. Accordingly, almost every employer could be affected by these regulations.

Please join LeClairRyan attorneys Clint D. Robison, Laura H. Corvo and J. Fielding Douthat, Jr. for a 75-minute complimentary webinar that will provide guidance on these regulations, with a focus on key areas for compliance and insights about transition issues.

Topics discussed include:

  • New rules and updated salary tests
  • How bonuses and incentives should be counted for salary purposes
  • Which exempt employees are most commonly affected
  • New exemptions for employees
  • Employer options, including reclassification, pay increases, and workload distribution, among others
  • What the DOL’s final rules do NOT change
  • Next DOL automatic update on salary thresholds
  • How to communicate these changes to your workforce
  • How to minimize employee fallout
  • Why handbooks and other documents need to be updated

HR Certification Institute credit is pending for this webinar.


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